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1.1. The manufacturer guarantees that any element of the new equipment under the guarantee conditions should not have material defects and production under normal operation and timely maintenance in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the certificate. A machine element recognized as defective under the warranty conditions is subject to free replacement or repair by the manufacturer or an authorized service representative of the manufacturer, but only provided that the defective element is returned to the Manufacturer. In this case, the defective item is not allowed to open, disassemble or compromise the seal integrity.

Warranty1.2.  Besides specific elements, basic elements of the equipment are guaranteed from the moment of delivery to the first buyer (i.e., from the date specified in the certificate of equipment) for a period not exceeding 12 months, provided that the operating mode is observed for 7 days a week with a two-shift operation mode with a factor of 0.8.

1.3. The specific elements listed below, unless otherwise stated, are guaranteed to the extent of:

  • Pneumatic components — 12 months.
  • Electronic and electrical components — 6 months.
  • Electromechanical elements (electric motors, reducers, variators) — during the equipment warranty period.

1.4. Consumables and lubricants, other elements used or subject to wear and tear under normal operation and not subject to warranty replacement:

  • Filters
  • Drive belts
  • Rubber goods
  • Gaskets of various types, glands
  • Fuses
  • Motor brushes
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Electric heating elements.

1.5. Manufacturer’s warranty is limited only to manufacturing defects and does not apply to the following cases:

    • Routine work during scheduled maintenance, including diagnostic and adjustment works, as well as the destruction of disposable items and expenditure of other materials during maintenance.
    • Normal wear and tear of any parts, natural aging and coating damage to parts, paintwork, rubber parts as a result of environmental exposure and normal use.
    • Minor deviations that do not affect the quality, characteristics or performance of the equipment or its components (for example, noise, creak or vibration).
    • Damage as a result of incomplete or inappropriate maintenance (for example, neglecting daily or periodic maintenance, significant (more than 30 days) break between planned maintenances)
    • Damage resulting from the use of parts that are not original or not approved by the Manufacturer, or parts replaced or not repaired by the Manufacturer or its authorized representative.
    • Damage to the product as a result of modification of it or its parts, not approved by the Manufacturer.

Screws twin

  • Damage caused by elements, fire, domestic factors.
  • Damage caused by non-compliance with the state standards for the parameters of power, telecommunications, cable networks and other external factors (climatic and other).
  • Damage caused by external influences.
  • If seals-stickers or other warranty seals were broken or meter readings were changed and the definition of the operational life was difficult.
  • Damage to the product as a result of unloading or transportation.
  • In the warranty certificate or certificate, changes or corrections were made that were not certified by the seal and signature of the manufacturer’s plant.
  • Damage caused by ingestion of foreign matter, objects, liquids, insects, animals.
  • Damage caused by the use of non-standard parts, consumables and cleaning materials.
  • Damage caused by the use of non-standard equipment connected in conjunction with this one.
  • Other conditions stipulated in the contract, technical specifications, etc.

1.6. In case of damage to the goods due to violations by the buyer of the rules of operation of the goods, as well as damage to the goods due to repair by the buyer, the manufacturer’s warranty is terminated.
1.7. The manufacturer does not reimburse expenses related to the inability to use faulty equipment, loss of time, fuel, telephone, transportation costs, loss of income and other business losses.

1.8. The equipment is the manufacturer’s own product and may contain technical changes to the product design, made without notifying the Customer, if the changes do not impair the product specifications.