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Spray drying is a method of drying products by evaporating the solvent present inside. This method is most effective for obtaining powders and granular products...More
Infrared drying is a method of processing products using infrared lamps as an emitter. It consists in the use of radiation of a certain length, which is converted into heat and supplied to the product for the drying purpose...More
Freeze drying is actively used in canning along with other methods of processing food. A high-performance equipment is used for dehydration. The machine is featured with big overall dimensions and high speed of operations...More
The mill equipment is designed for grinding products such as salt, sugar, medicinal herbs, nuts, soil, chemicals, flour, seeds, fruits, vegetables, etc...More
Coffee remains a relevant drink, because the morning of the whole world begins with it. Therefore, manufacturers of all countries are trying to make this drink more attractive, tasty and aromatic, and most importantly - memorable...More
The dispensing and packaging process is a complex technical operation, the difficulty of which lies in the choice of the optimal packaging method and the corresponding filling and packaging equipment...More
Tea, like coffee, is a very popular drink among consumers. Modern teas are varied in taste and aroma. There are leaf teas and powdered teas with different types of aromas and tastes, pleasing to the eye and heart...More
The convective drying method is most common and applicable to the fruit and vegetable drying process. Fruit and berry or vegetable puree can be dried with this method using spray dryers. The heat is supplied in the form of heated air, which mixes with the steam and thus dries the surface of the product...More
The calculation of energy consumption during the drying process is performed according to the formulas. There are three ways to calculate energy consumption. According to the first option, the indicators of heat and mass of the output product are taken into account...More
Microwave drying is an advanced technology used to dry fish, meat, grain, fruits and vegetables, building materials, cotton, and medicinal herbs. Microwave equipment is often used in large cost-effective industries. It can be used to glue wood, produce porcelain and earthenware, to develop oil fields. Microwave drying is successfully used in obtaining food colors, improving the quality of compound feed, defrosting the product and in non-temperature canning...More
The advantage of vacuum drying is that this method ensures nutrients, trace elements and vitamins are preserved for a period from two to five years. This drying method has successfully proved itself both in chemical and food industries. Vacuum drying method is also successfully used in pharmaceutical production...More
Packing nuts and dried fruits is the final stage in the processing of refined and processed raw materials, associated with determining the dose and placing the product in the package...More
Packing seeds is one of the production operations that is directly related to the packaging of the product into ready bags and sachets...More
Fertilizers are substances that help to optimize the life processes of plants. Thanks to the use of fertilizers you can accelerate the growth or ripening of fruits, increasing their weight. Therefore fertilizing the soil is an integral procedure of agriculture...More
A variety of spices occupy a significant place in the grocery group. Therefore, their competent packaging is an important stage in the sale. The successful selling of the product and its popularity among the buyers depends on the performance of this process...More
Drying mushrooms is an important operation that requires knowledge of technology and experience. With the help of drying the shelf life of mushrooms is doubled, while all the useful elements and nutrients are preserved...More
Before being on our table vegetables need to be carefully processed. In winter vegetables come to us in frozen or dried state most often. Drying vegetables is one of the important heat treatment processes that involve the use of a drying chamber...More
Mixing of the frozen vegetables and berries is carried out with a special mixing equipment. Some mixers are designed to mix products of different density, while others only work with products of the same density. This creates additional difficulties in choosing equipment. Therefore, before starting production, it is necessary to clearly think over the entire technological process so that the final product meets the initial expectations...More
The pillow type bag is usually used for packing chips. This package is characterized by relative ease of formation, is almost not a subject to impacts and mechanical damage, is made of multilayer film and is resistant to heat treatment (joining the seams). The seam is neat and even...More
The working tanks of the mixers are designed for an optimal filling level of 55% of their total volume. Loading / filling volume is called the working volume...More
Paddle mixers are the machines for mixing bulk and granular products of various fractions. Due to the specific design, shape and location of the paddles or blades, the most intensive mixing in three planes is achieved in the shortest possible period of time...More
Gingerbread is not the only one product that can be processed in this way. It is also possible icing / glazing biscuits, curd cheeses, flour confectionery, dried fruits, sweets, nuts, dragee, marshmallows, marmalade...More
Pellet chips are a product with a harmonious combination of taste and aroma, crispy consistency, porous airy structure, made from a dry extruded semi-finished product (pellets) by quick frying in vegetable oil. Then the flavoring and aromatic additives are applied to the finished product and the product is packed in sealed polypropylene bags...More
Tea is one of the common drinks. Along with coffee, it is very popular, differing in a variety of flavors (exotic, jasmine, herbal, bergamot tea etc.), types (black, green, red and white teas) and time (breakfast tea, afternoon tea)...More
Paddle mixers (or blade mixers or plough mixers) consist of a mixing chamber and a working shaft with paddles (or blades, or ploughs). There are also may have several shafts in the construction, depending on the volume of the mixed product and the scale of production...More