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Before being on our table vegetables need to be carefully processed. In winter vegetables come to us in frozen or dried state most often.

Drying vegetables is one of the important heat treatment processes that involve the use of a drying chamber.

Drying chamber

A drying chamber is a technical device that has a number of characteristics for processing a specific product.

Types of the drying chambers

Chamber dryers are suitable for drying vegetables. This is a chamber equipped with a temperature control system, a humidity control system and a time control system. The interaction of the three systems is the guarantor of the quality of the drying process. Each of these systems has a specific functional purpose, thereby increasing the drying efficiency. For example, a temperature control system is designed to control heating processes and the rate of heat flow. A moisture control system assumes maintaining an optimal moisture level for the highest quality drying of a specific product. The time management system assumes switching off the fans at the end of drying.

Dryed vegetable

Convection drying is widely used in the food and chemical industries.

Convection drying technology is simple: the product is placed inside the machine and exposed to a stream of hot, continuously circulating air. Air flow rate and drying temperature are easily adjustable. These indicators are supported by an automatic system. The programmable controller allows you to change the drying mode directly during the operation of the equipment.

Drying equipment is produced as semi-automatic or automatic machines for customer choice. Semi-automatic machines will be of interest to small companies, automatic equipment can be widely used by big manufacturing companies.

How to choose a drying chamber

The choice of production equipment is always a demanding task. For a successful purchase of a drying chamber, it is necessary to determine the purpose of production and the annual production volume. The answers to these questions will determine the offer of manufacturers or suppliers of drying equipment, as well as its cost. Therefore, before contacting a supplying company, you must clearly understand what you want to buy. This makes it easier to find or develop the equipment you need and also shortens commissioning times.