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The frozen berries are the product used for preparation of stewed fruit or fruit salad. The frozen vegetables are used for preparation of side dishes and soups.

The advantages of the frozen vegetables and berries

The frozen berries and vegetables become a table decoration and an additional source of vitamins in winter time. Therefore, the demand for them increases in winter, which contributes to an increase in production volumes.

The value of multi-component mixtures for the buyer is not only the source of vitamins and nutrients, but also the possibility of simultaneous consumption of several types of vegetables or berries.

Mixing concept

A mixing process is one of the technological processes characterized by the combination of several components that compose one product. This is the most efficient way to get a quality multi-component product. Nowadays, mixing is gaining particular popularity, contributing to the full development of the enterprise and guaranteeing success among the buyers.

Equipment for mixing frozen vegetables

Mixing of the frozen vegetables and berries is carried out with a special mixing equipment. Some mixers are designed to mix products of different density, while others only work with products of the same density. This creates additional difficulties in choosing equipment. Therefore, before starting production, it is necessary to clearly think over the entire technological process so that the final product meets the initial expectations.