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Packing nuts and dried fruits is the final stage in the processing of refined and processed raw materials, associated with determining the dose and placing the product in the package.

What are the requirements for packaging of dried fruits and nuts?

  • Precision
  • Output capacity
  • Quality

Here are three requirements that should be an integral part of any production.

The accuracy of packing nuts and dried fruits depends on the type of dispenser and the way it is controlled.

If the dispenser is semi-automatic, the operator controls its operation. The accuracy of the dosage is determined by his skills and abilities. The human factor has an important role.

If the dispenser is automatic, there are no problems with dosing accuracy. The dispenser is electronically controlled, and this ensures the reliability of product packaging and ease of control of the equipment.

The speed of the filling process is an important indicator that determines the amount of manufactured products per unit of time. The automatic machine will process more nuts and dried fruits than a semi-automatic machine, which is especially important for large and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to the dosage accuracy, the quality of the package is important. It should be attractive and complete. In the presence of damage or lack of information, packages with the product are not allowed for sale. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the sealing method. It can be pulsed or continuous heating. The choice depends on the packing material you are using for the packaging. It is better to use a constant heat sealer for the foil and laminated films. The materials with less density are sealed with a pulse sealing device.

Why is nut production profitable?

Dried fruit nut

  • A current consumer is not only an active, but also a competent person who cares about his health. Nuts and dried fruits are among the healthiest foods with a rich history.
  • Nuts and dried fruits are the basis for the preparation of confectionery mixtures, a common decoration of cakes, pastries, an obligatory ingredient in sweets, ice cream, and bakery products.
  • Medical nutrition is based on the consumption of nuts, so their packaging becomes especially important.
  • The costs of production of nuts and dried fruits justify themselves — the income from the sale is higher than the costs associated with the use of complex technologies.

Choosing equipment for packaging:

1) Pay attention to performance and output capacity. The number of manufactured products depends on the speed of operations. The batcher is selected taking into account its type and fraction.

2) Determine the type of packaging («pillow», «gusset») and material. The type of sealing will depend on this.

3) Consider connecting additional options, which ensure higher capacity of the equipment.

4) Pay attention to the presence of all the necessary conditions for the installation of the equipment. The service life and comfort of work will depend on these factors.

5) Consider the terms of sale of the equipment (warranty, free service, delivery to the destination point).