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Packaging of snack products is distinguished by a number of features that are associated with the characteristics of the product.

Since snacks is a fairly brittle product with light weight, it requires special conditions for packaging.

The division of snacks into portions is carried out using a weighing machine (weigher). The choice of dispenser depends not only on the preferences of the company, but also on the required output capacity.

Multihead weigher

Multihead weighers are suitable for big companies with large production volumes. The multihead dosing machine is equipped with multiple weighing buckets operating continuously. The batcher has a modern control system that allows you to control the dosing process preventing unquality doses and rejects. This is a high efficient equipment ensuring high production results.

Weighing linear batcher

This equipment is characterized by high reliability and quality. The output capacity of a linear weighing batcher depends on the features of your product, on its characteristics and the degree of ease of use. The linear weighing batcher can be equipped with one or several weighing heads, which will increase its productivity. This option for packing snacks and chips will be a good choice of medium-sized producing companies. The operating principle of such a dispenser is based on an automatic control system. The operator only needs to press a button, and the equipment will independently start the operation of taking, weighing and distributing the product.

Chips packaging

The pillow type bag (or flow pack) is usually used for packing chips. This package is characterized by relative ease of formation, is almost not a subject to impacts and mechanical damage, is made of multilayer film and is resistant to heat treatment (joining the seams). The seam is neat and even. The package has an aesthetic appearance. The required information is placed on its surface. In addition, the bag is sealed and hermetic, fragile chips do not break, spreading over its entire surface. «Pillow» bag reliably preserves all the properties of the product.

Due to the fragility of the product, snacks can be packed in ready-made containers. The product is placed in a stable can, perfectly keeping the shape of the product, or in a plastic container, shaped like a tray. The first packaging was developed in 1968 by Fred Bohr and is now actively used by Pringles company. The idea to put the chips into a plastic «tube» was developed by the Product Ventures Ltd design agency. It consists in batch dosing of snacks, which streamlines the use of the product throughout the day. Such a dosage of chips seems to be especially relevant for active people.

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