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Packing seeds is one of the production operations that is directly related to the packaging of the product into ready bags and sachets.

Choice of equipment for packing seeds

Seeds are packed using semi-automatic and automatic filling and packaging equipment. The most popular are machines that allow you to pack more seeds in one unit of time without using labor.

The most profitable acquisition for small manufacturing enterprises is a semi-automatic machine, which requires the direct participation of the operator during production. Such equipment needs a little help, for example, in preparing the packaging material or filling the seeds into pre-made containers.

The choice of the dispenser is an important thing in the packaging of seeds, as it will be used to distribute seeds in packages. The dispenser can be either weigher or auger filler. The weighing batcher is designed to process small-piece or bulk products, the screw batcher usually is used for dosing a fine fraction product, powdery substances.

Success factors

Sunflowerseeds width=The filling process is influenced by many factors: the choice of equipment, raw materials, sorting, degree of cleaning, drying and roasting quality.

The dispensing process is closely related to the packaging process. The quality of the product itself and customer demand depend on how well the previous operations were performed. Buyers prefer products that are carefully sorted, correctly weighed and corresponding to all the characteristics presented. The packaging material draws attention to the content, and if it contains a product that meets the expectations of the consumer, it becomes in demand.