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A variety of seasoning occupy a significant place in the grocery group. Therefore, their competent packaging is an important stage in the sale. The successful selling of the product and its popularity among the buyers depends on the performance of this process.

Difficulties in packing ground spices

The main difficulty that has to be solved is the neutralization of the dust formed when pouring seasoning.

As a dusty product, ground spices require a special attention. There are several reasons for this:

  • Inhaled dust has a detrimental effect on the health of workers, resulting in reduced productivity and quality of work;
  • Dust settles on the moving parts of the machine causing it to malfunction;
  • Some of the seasoning become dust after grinding, which cannot be wrapped. Thus, part of the product is lost, for the manufacture of which the raw materials were purchased.

For dust removal special dust recovery systems and exhaust probes are used.

Wrapping options for seasonings


  • in 3-side or 4-side sealed sachets
  • in flow pack (with gusset or pillow type);
  • in “doy pack”;
  • in pre-made containers (carton, glass or plastic containers).

Portion wrapping in sachets is successfully used on hospitality enterprises, public catering enterprises, and also in servicing passengers of airplanes, trains, ships, buses.

Any type of bag is suitable for home use, including ready-made wrapping.

Overview of equipment

There are different models that differ in operating mode, productivity, type of installed dispenser, the ability to connect additional options among the equipment for wrapping spices.

There are four types of dispensers:

Equipment for spice

  • Multihead weigher  is an ideal variant for large plants with high productivity. Using a large number of weighing buckets and a high-precision control system, the multi-head batcher will fulfill packaging of non-ground free-flowing spices (peppercorns, coriander, caraway seeds, dry herbs) in a short time.
  • Linear weigher has a powerful vibrating feeder system, a two-level product distribution and leveling system, as well as an electronic control system and a closed structure; and it is an indispensable assistant in working with dusty products. The closed design is specially used to prevent dusting. The weigher for spices will be successfully used under conditions of large and medium-sized production. 
  • Auger filler equipped with a separate drive of the agitator and auger, a programmable controller, has high accuracy and the ability to adjust the dispensing mode according to six parameters. 
  • Despite the simple design a volume batcher has a high output capacity and assumes the packing of products according to the volume of the packing container. In this case the package receives such an amount of product that can fit into the container. Such dispensers are usually low cost and high speed, and are well suited for filling spices with a stable specific gravity (sorted coriander, caraway, etc.).

The successful choice of equipment for wrapping depends not only on the volume of the expected load, but also on the type of product itself. If you are going to pack non-ground seasoning, then it is better to choose the volume filler. When working with ground spices, auger fillers or vibrating feeders are suitable. Our technicians will help you to choose the equipment suitable for your request.