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Healthy food is a fashionable trend nowadays. Therefore, there is a need to produce natural and healthy snacks (like dried vegetables and fruits). They can be eaten as snacks and added to various dishes. Industrial drying machines manufactured by Elemash company will help you to dry different products...More
Elementary Machines company offers explosion-proof motors that are safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments when working with flammable or explosive raw materials...More
Our company offers new drying machines to our customers. It is used to dry leaf lettuce and herbs...More
Range of the machines manufactured by «Elemash» Co.,LLC enriched with new  drying machine. This type of the machine is semi-automatic equipment with the function of automatic temperature regulation used for drying of the food or chemical products...More
Elementary Machines Company is glad to share pleasant news about equipment, that is available in our warehouse. The news will be relevant for those enterprises that produce paste from nuts, grains and seeds...More
“Elementary Machines” Co.,LLC is developing continuously! Experienced development engineers project and design new technological lines, innovation equipment, and can offer modern approach to solve difficult problems...More
Cutting machine MUR-100 is efficient equipment specially designed for your needs! By using of this model you can cut the grass, flowers, roots of medicinal plants and even timber fungus...More
Our company offer new service – industrial engineering. Now it is real to you’re your broken part in a short time. We can manufacture both individual spare parts and whole industrial lines...More
For your convenience we created new section «Qestion-answer» on our web-site. Here you can easily find answers for most actual and often asking questions concerning to general specification, operation and working principle of different types of the machines...More
«Elemash» Co.,LLC manufactures equipment for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. Currently lineup of the sifting machines enriched with one more highly-efficient model namely single-mesh vibration sifting machine UP-30...More
«Elemash» Co.,LLC has designed new equipment, namely MUS series sieve hammer mill with dust suction system. Dust suction system allows to control cleaning process of the machine...More
Electric roasting oven USM-1E is one of the best solution for cooking fried seeds or nuts at home recipe on an industrial scale. This is great option to start and doing business especially because the machine has reduced cost...More
We offer salt tablet press equipped with screw feeder.  Equipment is available in stock and ready for operation...More
You can buy crank sheet shears NK 3418 from our stock in Minsk right now! The machine is universal equipment using for longitudinal and cross cutting of the metal sheets...More
If your production requires mixing of several ingredients «Drunken barrel» mixing machine is ideal equipment for this purpose. By using of this machine it is possible to mix free-flowing, powder, paste, liquid and chemically active components without destruction of the product’s structure...More
Catalogue of the machines manufactured by «Elementary Machines» Co., LLC has been expanded!  We developed new equipment special for you! Round shape and linear form magnetic catchers will became irreplaceable helpers in production...More
British company James Cropper is the first company in the world established a factory for recycling paper-plastic cups in to high quality cellulose...More