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“Elementary Machines” Co.,LLC is developing continuously! Experienced development engineers project and design new technological lines, innovation equipment, and can offer modern approach to solve difficult problems. The company has a huge experience in creating equipment from scratch, to be exact since the establishment of projects in the computer version to the finished equipment for productions.

Today the catalogue of frying machines expanded with one more line intended to be used for frying glazed peanuts and seasoning product. Glazed peanuts frying line consists of several interconnected units. These units allow you to create a favorite meal, peanuts in different glazes.

The line consists of:

Dragee machine and output conveyor compound the glazing peanuts line. The glaze coating already roasted peanut. According to the customer’s requirements the line can be equipped with several dragee drums (machines).
Weighing unit. Weighing machine doses peanuts in to the machine for further frying process.
Frying machine. The machine is equipped with a function of oil temperature adjustment and oil feeding speed.
Cooling conveyor. While transported by conveyor the product is cooled and removed from oil remains.
Additive machine is used for continuous applying flavoring.
Detailed specification of the line ->

Which model to choose?

Peanuts frying line is available in three models VZHP-300, VZHP-500 and VZHP-800. The numerical symbols of the models show maximum possible capacity of the line measured in kg/hour. For example, model VZHP-300 has output capacity up to 300kg/hour (depend on product type and quality etc.). If you know required product output you can choose right model easily. In case you met any difficulties or doubts about your choice please contact our technicians. Out specialists always are ready to help and explain more about specific features of this line.

Please pay your attention that the line has fully stainless steel construction and can work continuously. There are required 1-3 persons to control and maintain the line depend on the model.

Our company manufactures equipment according to the customer’s requirements with a clear understanding of the entire production process and features of the products. So our customers get exactly what they need!