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The semi-automatic dispenser, series DPT is designed for volumetric dosing according to a set up weight into various containers of different food and chemical bulk products. Reaching the target dose is controlled with a load cell. The dispensing unit is used as part of a production line in conjunction with other machines...More
The unloader-manipulator is designed for dust-free emptying of woven bags with slings (such as big bags or sacks) filled with bulk products and transferring the product to the receiving hopper of the next unit in the technological chain. The moving of the product takes place by collecting the product with a vacuum loader (not included with the machine). As a rule, the discharger is used as a part of a production line together with other units...More
The working principle of the sieve grinding machine is based on grinding the original product entering the grinding chamber and forcing it through a sieve...More
These containers are specially made for the pharmaceutical industry...More
Stainless steel barrels are designed for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry...More
The automatic bag unloading system is used in various industries for discharging the contents of bags of different composition, and is also a modern system consisting of several moving components with a simple operating principle...More
The mechanical twin-shaft crusher is intended for use in the lines of product processing at the enterprises of the food, pharmaceutical and processing industries...More
Semi-automatic machine DShKN is used for weight dispensing of difficult-to-flow, dusty and fine-grained products (for example, a starch) into paper or plastic valve bags...More
DP series semi-auto dosing unit is applied for dispensing bulk free-flowing products (soil, peat mixtures, marble granules, expanded clay, expanded clay gravel, asphalt mixture) in doses from 5 liters to 50 liters. Doses are counting in liters...More
The biconus mixer is used for “soft” mixing free-flowing products or paste products...More
It is designed for sorting granules of bulk products by size...More
The discharge system RU2-SH100 is designed for unloading and weight dosing of aggressive and biologically hazardous products at chemical and pharmaceutical industries...More
The dryer is applied in the technological processes for dewatering various products in agriculture and the processing industry...More
The dispenser is used for weight packing of hard-flowing and free-flowing, granular and flake products into valve bags. Semi-automatic operation allows you to make optimal use of all the possibilities of weight packing of the products at an optimal cost of equipment...More
The loader places the pallet with the goods on the lifting platform and closes the safety guards. The lifting mechanism raises the pallet step by step to the programmed height available for the removable grippers...More
The palletizer is  automatic machine allows to stack various items on  wood, plastic or metal. The machine can be used with different types of grips, it depends on the shape and size of used container...More
The tunnel oven is applied for roasting seeds and nuts. The oven has an instant cooling function to the optimum room temperature...More
Drum mixer is drum type mixing machine for mixing different products. The machine is designated for mixing food and chemically active products by rotation method using gravity forces...More
The automatic bag unpacker is used for unloading the contents of the bags of various compositions in various industries, and also represents a modern system consisting of several moving components with a simple operation principle...More
PRS series rotary sifting machine are used for sifting and removing impurities from the powder and granular products in various industries...More
Octagonal blender is designed for mixing dry powder and granulated products...More
The biconus mixer is used for “soft” mixing free-flowing products or paste products...More