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The discharge system RU2-SH100 is designed for unloading and weight dosing of aggressive and biologically hazardous products at chemical and pharmaceutical industries...More
The dryer is applied in the technological processes for dewatering various products in agriculture and the processing industry...More
The dispenser is used for weight packing of hard-flowing and free-flowing, granular and flake products into valve bags. Semi-automatic operation allows you to make optimal use of all the possibilities of weight packing of the products at an optimal cost of equipment...More
The loader places the pallet with the goods on the lifting platform and closes the safety guards. The lifting mechanism raises the pallet step by step to the programmed height available for the removable grippers...More
The palletizer is  automatic machine allows to stack various items on  wood, plastic or metal. The machine can be used with different types of grips, it depends on the shape and size of used container...More
The tunnel oven is applied for roasting seeds and nuts. The oven has an instant cooling function to the optimum room temperature...More
Drum mixer is drum type mixing machine for mixing different products. The machine is designated for mixing food and chemically active products by rotation method using gravity forces...More
The automatic bag unpacker is used for unloading the contents of the bags of various compositions in various industries, and also represents a modern system consisting of several moving components with a simple operation principle...More
PRS series rotary sifting machine are used for sifting and removing impurities from the powder and granular products in various industries...More
Octagonal tank mixing machine is designed for mixing dry powder and granulated products...More
The biconus mixer is used for “soft” mixing free-flowing products or paste products...More
Mill series MUK is used to grind products in the pharmaceutical industry...More
DVL dispenser is designed for dosing /weighing and filling curd, curd paste, grain curd and other similar products...More
Vertical packaging machine KOMBI is designed for packaging of free-flowing, dust-forming, liquid, paste-like, small sized products in various industries...More
Silo storage tanks with vacuum feeding system are designed for storage free-flowing products like cement, sand, grains, granules etc...More
Our company is engaged in designing and producing of the different lines for mixing products in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and others...More
The frying line for nuts is designed for frying / roasting nuts in a frying chamber with the subsequent application of flavors, flavorings and further packaging of the finished product...More
This line is intended for roasting rusks and bread crumbs in a roasting chamber...More
The line is designed for frying peanuts or other nuts in glaze. Using this line, you can get nuts in a crispy shell or in a glaze with various flavors and flavorings...More
Pellet chips frying line is designed for frying pellet snacks in the oil, seasonings and flavourings of the ready product...More
The vibration sifting machine (serie UP-40) is suitable for fraction sifting dust-forming and free-flowing products (flour, grain, sugar, nut) and it is used in different industries...More
The machine is designed for delivering pallets from the stack...More
The dryer is suitable for drying hazardous and toxic products containing solvent or water, as the machine allows drying to a very low final moisture content in the product at minimum temperatures...More
Semi-automatic screw weigher DP2-0.5 is used for dosing of hard-flowing, dust-forming products in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry (pharmaceutical powders, milled spices, ground coffee, cocoa, sweeteners, etc.) into prepared package: cans, bags, boxes...More
The automatic system of dynamic action (control check weigher) is designed for continuous monitoring of the weight of packaged products in various industries...More
The filler is designed for using in the packaging lines in the food and pharmaceutical industry...More
The machine is designed for pouring the contents of opened barrels of 200-220 liters or others by agreement for further use in technological processes...More
High speed granulator mixer SGV fulfills functions of high speed efficient mixing and granulating...More
Universal vibration sieving machine UP-41 is designed to use in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries for sieving products in to various fraction depend on size...More
The hydraulic cutting line is used for slicing root crops. The technology of hydro cutting of root crops ensures the cutting of product along the length moving in the pipeline...More
This machine is used to wash root crops...More
The line of steam cleaning of the peel of root crops is designed for gentle cleaning and removing upper layer of the root crops...More