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These containers are specially made for the pharmaceutical industry...More
Stainless steel barrels are designed for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry...More
The automatic system of dynamic action (control check weigher) is designed for continuous monitoring of the weight of packaged products in various industries...More
A rotary sorter is used to sort products...More
Cooling conveyor is used in manufacturing lines for continuous cooling of confectionery, gingerbreads, dried biscuits, cookies and bakery products...More
Belt feeder is designeted in dosing lines for mixing and dosing of frozen berries and fruits...More
The storage hopper is mounted below screw mixer as a storage container to increase productivity...More
Storage hopper is used as a buffer storage capacity in dosing lines...More
Screw feeder is used for transporting and dosing of hard-flowing and dust-forming products...More
Twin-screw feeder is used for dosing of dust forming products...More
Accumulation table SN-1200 is a drive table which is used in packaging lines for accumulation and convenient supply of the finished boxes with the product before the process of hand packaging into the boxes...More

The auxiliary equipment is equipment that does not participate in the production process, but facilitates it.

The company Elemash LLC manufactures auxiliary equipment for production, which can be widely used in the food or non-food industries.