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Complex mechanized lines are a set of machines and mechanisms that perform a part or all of the operations necessary for the continuous implementation of production process. Complex mechanized lines have different purposes. In accordance with the purpose the complex-mechanized lines can be equipped with special additional mechanisms and even entire machines.

Our company produces the following complete lines for:

  • Black bread making with capacity 120, 200, 250 kg/ h (for new bread).
  • Production of cleaned sunflower seeds with capacity 40, 110, 250, 350, 500 kg/ h.
  • Production of uncleaned sunflower and pumpkin seeds (capacity 100, 350, 700 kg/ h).
  • Production of horseradish, grind horseradish with mustard, beetroot, lemon and cranberry juice.
  • Mayonnaise and ketchup production by hot method.
  • Chocolate and confectionery glaze production.
  • Pistachio salting and frying (capacity – 80 kg/ h).
  • Grinding, calibrating, mixing and dosing of spices, soups, fast-cooking porridges, food additives.
  • Medicinal teas, herbal teas, herbal mixes and single picking.
  • Processing of shelf fungus, oak bark and other hard drug material.
  • Nuts processing into crumbs and nut paste.
  • Linseed and soybean cake processing (grinding).
  • Horseradish processing into paste (cleaning, washing, grinding).
  • Pumpkin processing into paste (cleaning, washing, cutting, seed extraction, peeling, cooking, grinding, packaging).

Microdosing lines are used for dosing with the following mixing and packaging from 2 to 40 products.

Preparing and packaging lines for:

  • Vegetable and fruit mixes from frozen prepared product.
  • Mixing and packing of instant coffee and tea into single-use sachets (20-50 pcs).
  • Food additives, jelly, detergents, pet food and other products (large-weight semi-automatic packaging).
  • Packaging of keramzite gravel, turfy mixes, plant ground (large-weight semi-automatic and automatic packaging).
Silo storage tanks with vacuum feeding system are designed for storage free-flowing products like cement, sand, grains, granules etc.
Our company is engaged in designing and producing of the different lines for mixing products in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and others.
The frying line for nuts is designed for frying / roasting nuts in a frying chamber with the subsequent application of flavors, flavorings and further packaging of the finished product.
This line is intended for roasting rusks and bread crumbs in a roasting chamber.
The line is designed for frying peanuts or other nuts in glaze. Using this line, you can get nuts in a crispy shell or in a glaze with various flavors and flavorings.
Pellet chips frying line is designed for frying pellet snacks in the oil, seasonings and flavourings of the ready product.
The line consists of combined weighing part with screw bag fillers and roller conveyor with drive rollers.
The line is designed to process biologically aggressive substances and work with the technological containers of 100 liters. The technological container is equipped with the wheels for mixing it between operation steps and is closed with the lid.
The continuous process of mixing and further dosing and packing of the anti-ice mixtures with the weights 2-3 kg or 25 kg in to polyethylene bags can be fulfilled with the help of this line.
The MR370 line for packing frozen berries and vegetables mixes is designed on the base of double multihead weigher HAB-10-2 and automatic packing machine KOMBI-500.
The MR339-3 line is designed for screening salt by fractions and further packing into bags with the weights 25kg and 50 kg or big bags with the weight 1 ton.