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The dryer is applied in the technological processes for dewatering various products in agriculture and the processing industry...More
The explosion proof drying equipment is suitable for drying hazardous and toxic products containing solvent or water, as the machine allows drying to a very low final moisture content in the product at minimum temperatures...More
Leaf lettuce and herb dryer are applied for processing vegetables to remove excess moisture after washing operations. Moisture is removed the pressure of cold or warm air...More
Modular belt type drying machine SLM is used for technological dehydration processes of various products in agriculture and processing industry...More
Convection drying machine KS is used for drying of food, chemical products in a circulated hot air...More
Dryer KST is a drying chamber with a heater device made of incombustible material. There is a possibility in front and side loading...More

Drying equipment is designed to dehydrate the product before packaging. It if perfect for making dried fruit, dried mushrooms, compote mixture etc. It has been used successfully in big and medium productions in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The versatility and ease-to-use of drying equipment allows our customers use our drying equipment with high efficiency.

As a result of increasing temperature the moisture is evaporated, and the product is dehydrated, reaching the desired state in the drying chamber.

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