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Conical vacuum dryer, models SKPV and SKV (explosion proof)

The explosion proof drying equipment is suitable for drying hazardous and toxic products containing solvent or water, as the machine allows drying to a very low final moisture content in the product at minimum temperatures. More...

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Technical parameters


Conical dryer is a vacuum drying machine with indirect heating of the product. The vacuum dryer is particularly suitable for drying hazardous and toxic products containing solvent or water, as the machine allows drying to a very low final moisture content in the product at minimum temperatures.

The outer jacket of the dryer allows heating or cooling the product while drying. Depending on a task the housing of the dryer can be equipped with various types of heat exchangers. Hot water, steam, thermal oil can be used as the heat carrier.

Considering features of the products to be dried various models of the mixer can be designed. The stirring devices mixing product from the bottom up, moving it spirally along the wall of the cone and ensuring uniform mixing. Using powerful support units and reinforced actuators allows all mixers operates without lower support units which are quit sensitive to abrasive, viscous and caramelized products.

Due to extremely soft mixing even mechanically sensitive products are not destroyed while processing. The quality of the product after drying process still be stable and uniform as the raw material. Reinforced construction allows to obtain high vacuum in the dryer’s body, thus to ensure low temperature while drying. Low temperature is an evident advantage while drying heat- sensitive products. Good heat transfer and short time of drying  require small costs of energy for a liter of the evaporated moisture.

The filter keeps dust particles in a cone dryer. Full discharge and easy output of the product ensures drying of the product without waste.  Vacuum block built-in closed dust removal system ensures collecting not only solid particles, but also moisture and solvents.

Advantages of the vacuum drying equipment:

  1. Various kinds of mixing devices
  2. Soft mixing with good air circulation
  3. The machine suits for drying different product
  4. Wide loading range (from 10 to 90%) without deterioration of the finished product.
  5. High efficiency and convenience of the product discharging and cleaning
  6. Removing of the product from the walls of the machine’s housing due to minimum gaps between housing and actuator of the mixer
  7. Fully closed construction
  8. Safety and proven mechanical seal concept
  9. Short time of drying with low energy consumption
  10. Low energy costs while mixing and drying
  11. No emissions affecting the environment
  12. Rotation speeds of mixers adapt to the features of a product

Products for drying:

  1. Various powders, crystals and granules products
  2. Wet, crystalline active substance, heavy paste-like products
  3. Mechanically sensitive and heat-sensitive products
  4. Products that decompose as a result of oxidation
  5. Hazardous products (toxic, carcinogenic, etc.), flammable and explosive dust
  6. Products with various flammable solvents
  7. Products require to be stratified, mixed or deaerated while drying

The outer jacket of the vacuum drying equipment is

Spiral half-pipe heating jacket Spiral half-pipe heating jacket.

It is mainly applied with steam heating of the housing with the temperature up to 180 Celsius degrees inside of heating jacket. It is applicable with any heat carriers.

U-shaped two-circuit jacket U-shaped two-circuit jacket.

It is applied both with steam heating and thermo oil with working pressure up to 10 bar. When heated with thermal oil, the temperature in the jacket can reach 250 Celsius degrees and is limited by the operating characteristics of the oil.

Low pressure jacket Low pressure jacket.

It is applied when heating with demineralized water up to 85 Celsius degrees, with glycerin up to 150 Celsius degrees, and thermooil up to 200 Celsius degrees. Operating pressure in a heating contour does not exceed 0.2 bar.


Information is for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

Technical parameters of the screw vacuum dryers with orbital arm*:
Model Geometric volume (liters) Max working volume (liters) Screw drive power (kW) Orbital arm drive power (kW) Overall size
Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
Vacuum dryer SKPV-50 50 35 1 0,37 520 740
Vacuum dryer SKPV -120 120 80 1 0,55 600 830
Vacuum dryer SKPV -250 250 180 3 0,75 750 1110
Vacuum dryer SKPV -500 500 350 5 0,75 1080 1420
Vacuum dryer SKPV -1000 1000 700 7,5 1,1 1400 1850
Vacuum dryer SKPV -1500 1500 1150 7,5 1,1 1530 2150
Vacuum dryer SKPV -2000 2000 1500 10 1,5 1720 2220
Vacuum dryer SKPV -2500 2500 1850 10 1,5-2,2 1960 2640
Vacuum dryer SKPV -3000 3000 2300 12,5 1,5-2,2 2080 2790
Vacuum dryer SKPV -4000 4000 3000 15 2,2-3 2160 2890
Vacuum dryer SKPV -5000 5000 3900 15 2,2-3 2320 3480
Vacuum dryer SKPV -8000 8000 5600 20 2,2-3 2600 3680
Vacuum dryer SKPV -10000 10000 7200 25 3 2850 4120
Samples of the actuators of SKPV:
Single screw orbital arm with continuous screw: Double screws orbital arm with hollow screw turns:
Single screw orbital arm with continuous screw Double screws orbital arm with hollow screw turns
Typical scheme for chemically and biologically active products: Typical scheme for chemically and biologically active products   The equipment is designed according to the customer's requirements. Our company is ready to provide customers with ready-made design solutions integrated to your needs.
Technical parameters are for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

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