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Chips (snacks) frying line is designated for frying semi-finished products, extruded pellets applying flavorings and food additives on the surface of final products...More
Peanut glazing and frying line produces a popular delicacy for the majority – rice shelled crunchy nuts with the application of additives and flavorings on the surface of finished products...More
The roasting oven L-100 is designated for frying seeds, nuts, soybeans and baked breads. It works on the principle of “thermal chamber”...More
Automatic frying line is designed for frying hash browns (potato pancakes) in the industrial production of prepared grated potatoes. The line is controlled by one operator...More
The roasting oven TURBO works on the principle of “fluid bed”. The frying process is performed due to a high pressure forced fan (maximum operating temperature – 220 ̊C)...More
Air cooler OV-50 is designed for a rapid cooling of roasted products to prevent the product internal combustion and to increase productivity...More

We produce professional frying lines

Roasting machine is a kind of equipment that allows you to fry food products like seeds, nuts, chips, cookies, etc.

Elemash manufactures wide assortment of roasting oven and auxiliary accessories. We offer you both TURBO series frying machine for contactless frying of the products and monolithic design construction with other ways of the processing of the raw product (for example, one of them known as a «heat chamber»). If you purchase a frying machine without cooling system, you will need chiller convenient and easy to use.