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Frying line for potato pancakes, PZHD series
Frying line for potato pancakes, PZHD series
Frying line for potato pancakes, PZHD series

Automatic frying line is designed for frying hash browns (potato pancakes) in the industrial production of prepared grated potatoes. The line is controlled by one operator. More...
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Technical parameters


The company Elemash LLC manufactures universal frying and roasting machines, lines and furnaces. One of the universal lines is PZHD series roasting line.

PZD roaster is used in the preparation of various products in the food industry:

  • flour pancakes;
  • pancakes made of potatoes, hashed browns, potato pancakes with the meet;
  • vegetable pancakes;
  • meat and soy cutlets;
  • burgers;
  • meat, chicken;
  • nuggets and sausages;
  • sausages and dumplings;
  • vegetables and so on.

Using the PZD frying line, you can automate the entire production process.

The machine comes with all the necessary tools and accessories. Two mesh conveyors for moving the product between the discs and removing it after roasting. Conveyors are equipped with belt feeding mechanisms that prevent jamming or damaging of the products when removing them from the roasting discs.

The advantages of the PZD roasting machine:

  • Possibility of the roasting a wide range of the products;
  • High temperature roasting;
  • Variable equipment performance;
  • Low maintenance costs (only 1 operator required);
  • It is made according to the customer needs.

The roasting line is equipped with a smoke probe as standard. The place of connection to ventilation is selected while installation and depends on the layout of the workplace.

The equipment is high-tech equipment and manufactured in accordance with all European standards. An automatic equipment control system allows you to reduce operation costs, as well as greatly simplify the entire roasting process.

The production process consists of the following steps:

  • Grease frying discs with oil

The oil is fed on the roasting discs by the machine’s system automatically. Cleaning of the discs from the remnants of the product prevents its burning out on the surface.

  • Dosing of the dough on the roasting disc

The roasting machine doses the potato mash dough on the roasting disk automatically. The dispenser allows changing dose from 20 to 80 ml.

  • Correction of the form

The sizes of pancakes are ensured with special stamps with exact form and size.

  • Roasting one side of the product. The product is roasted on the working surface of the frying plate.
  • Turning- over the product

In some cases, it is necessary the operator controls the process cause non-flat products after turning over can lay on the roasting surface with the already roasted side.

  • Removing the roasted products from the disk.

Mesh conveyors are used for removing of the product.

  • Cleaning the roasting discs. The machine cleans the surface of residues independently.

PZD roasting line is used in the production of various products. We offer you not just a machine, but high-quality and high-performance universal equipment, which will greatly simplify the production cycle and provide you with high-quality cooked and roasted products.

Choosing Elemash LLC as your partner you can be sure of the reliability and quality of equipment.

Information is for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

Diameter of frying disc, mm1230154020002480
Width of working area of the frying discs, mm320430580660
Capacity, pcs/hour> 2200> 4000> 10000> 14000
Quantity of dosing heads/ fillers3456
Rated capacity, kw> 32>66> 150> 180
Weight, tons1,342,24,25,85
Occupied area, sq.m.18273846

Technical parameters are for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

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