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The working principle of the sieve grinding machine is based on grinding the original product entering the grinding chamber and forcing it through a sieve...More
The mechanical twin-shaft crusher is intended for use in the lines of product processing at the enterprises of the food, pharmaceutical and processing industries...More
Mill series MUK is used to grind products in the pharmaceutical industry...More
Universal cutting machine MUR-400is designated for cutting herbs, flowers, caulis, roots of medicinal and spicy plants. The machine consists of feeding and cutting modules...More
Universal cutting machine (herb cutter) MUR-100 is designated for grinding and milling herbs, flowers, caulis, roots of medicinal plants. The machine is well suited for wood bark grinding, as well as for medicinal mushroom (i.e. fungus) grinding...More
Universal cutting machine MUR-200 is designated for coarse precutting of hard dry medicinal raw material and spices: bark, branches, timber fungus, almonds, stock salt and mineral salt. The machine can be partly and fully made of stainless steel...More
Corundum stone mills serie MUK are designed for grinding crystalline products (sugar, salt, fructose, etc.). Available capacity is from 100 to 2000 kg./hr. These mills are characterized by a simple construction, high reliability and practicality of use...More
Sieve hammer mills serie MUS are designated for grinding coffee, granules, spices, potato flakes, sugar, etc. Sieve mills of this type are highly reliable and flexible...More
Sieve hammer mills MUS (with dust extraction system) is the high-performance equipment designed for the production of free-flowing products, such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, spices, cereals, etc...More
Nut butter machine MUK-80 is a vertical colloid mill, which is used for making a paste with different kinds of nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds. The required milling fraction is achieved by changing the clearance between milling disks or a multiple running of the product through a closed cycle. Nut butter machine can grind peanut, cashew nuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnut, sesame, apricot kernel,  sunflower seeds...More
This cutting machine is designated for grinding nuts, almonds, chestnuts, seeds, crackers, cookies...More
Cookie, cracker, pastry grinding mills (serie MUI) are very easy to use and maintain. The capacity depends on the required grinding fraction (sieve mesh) and the amount of product supplied...More
Dry fruit cutting machine MRSU is designated for cutting dried plums, apricots, peaches, dates, pears, cherries, strawberries, melons, mango and other products...More
This complex is suited for milling of such complex products (oil, biostatic, saccharine products, etc.) as linseed cake, soybean cake, mustard cake, crystalline lactose, spices with high level of ethers and other products...More

ELEMASH enterprise manufactures a wide range of industrial equipment for crushing and grinding of herbs, roots, herbs, nuts, crackers, spices, sugar, coffee and other products. Our industrial mils shown on our web- site have high reliability, versatility, practicality in operation and simplicity of design construction. Their detailed description with an indication of parameters such as power consumption and voltage, dimensions, weight, etc., you will see in the tabs of a particular product.

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