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Corundum stone mills serie MUK are designed for grinding crystalline products (sugar, salt, fructose, etc.). Available capacity is from 100 to 2000 kg./hr. These mills are characterized by a simple construction, high reliability and practicality of use...More
Sieve hammer mills serie MUS are designated for grinding coffee, granules, spices, potato flakes, sugar, etc. Sieve mills of this type are highly reliable and flexible...More
Sieve hammer mills MUS (with dust extraction system) is the high-performance equipment designed for the production of free-flowing products, such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, spices, cereals, etc...More
This complex is suited for milling of such complex products (oil, biostatic, saccharine products, etc.) as linseed cake, soybean cake, mustard cake, crystalline lactose, spices with high level of ethers and other products...More

Examples of products that can be ground into powder using grinding mills made by Elemash are: sugar, salt, a wide range of spices.

Spice milling machines

The company manufactures grinders for various spices. Our spice milling machines can be used as:

star anise grinder,
cumin grinder,
chilli grinder,
cinnamon grinder,
coriander grinder,
ginger grinder,
clove grinder,
nutmeg grinding machine,
paprika grinder.


It can be partially or completely made of stainless steel
Easy to operate and maintain
High output capacity and versatile.

Salt production equipment

Elemash offers a list of versatile mill equipment for stock and mineral salt. The choice of the salt grinding machine will depend on the required capacity and the output product size.

Corundum stone mills, serie MUK is one of the most powerful salt mills. It can grind salt with output from 100 to 2000 kg/h. Except salt this mill crushes sugar, fructose and other crystalline products.

Sieve hammer mills, serie MUS is an ideal solution for grinding salt. This salt production equipment can easily grind up to 2000 kg/h. Its average capacity is from 50 kg/h to 2000 kg/h. MUS series sieve hammer mills have the system of «cartridge in the body». It is suitable for grinding salt, sugar and spices.

Sieve hammer mill MUS with dust extraction system allows to grind 20-800 kg/h and gives the output product size up to 0,5 mm.

We will be glad to answer your questions and select the right equipment.