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The machine is designed for delivering pallets from the stack...More
Discharge manipulator is the automatic industrial machine designed for automatic removal of technological trays from  the racks  with the subsequent stacking of trays on the production line. The industrial manipulator can be used with various technological racks and types of unloaded items taking into account its' different shapes and sizes...More
Industrial equipment of loading is  a machine designed to automatically loading of trays (boxes and other items) onto the technological racks from the production line with stacking to different levels (shelve stands). It can be used with various technological storage stands and types of loaded items taking into account different shapes and sizes...More

Types of manipulators

1. Unloading manipulator is a kind of equipment that is used for mechanical removal of trays from racks and placing them on a production line.

2. Loading manipulator is a kind of equipment that is used for mechanical stacking of trays (or other products) from a production line onto technological racks of different levels.

These types of manipulators can be used with all kinds of technological racks and types of containers and loaded products. The manipulator is controlled with an industrial controller. The machine is equipped with pneumatic joggers / pushers and grippers.

Manipulators can become a fully automated line using conveyors to feed the racks.

The advantages of manipulators:

•  smart and fast operation;
•  long service life;
•  possibility of adjustment of operating modes of machines;
•  saving money on staff salary.

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