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Additive machine
Additive machine
Additive machine
Additive machine
Additive machine

The machine is used for the application of different additives on nuts. More...

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Technical parameters


The machine is used for coating of the nuts, chips etc. with the salt and flavours. With rotating and gravitational force the machine can work in running line for flavoring of the product.

The machines consists of feeding tank, filler of flavours/salt with adjusting system, vibration module, mixing tank, trays, frame of the machine, drive unit, control panel.

Working principle is based on stocking of the flavors on the surface of the product while mixing of the product and filled flavours/salt in tunnel type tank. The machine is made with stainless steel.

The filler/ dosing device can dose salt only and salt with mixes of seasonings/flavorings. To dose small granules free-flowing salt the filler is equipped with special device to ensure uniform distribution of salt. If dose seasonings/ flavorings only no need to add this device.

The feeding speed and volume of seasonings/flavorings or salt is adjusted by frequency converter.

Information is for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

Additive machine specification

Capacity 500 kg/hour 350 kg/hour
Working mode continuous
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz  or according to requirements
Drum driving motor power 0,55 kw
Filler’s motor power 0,37 kw
Vibration feeder’s motor 0,16 kw
Weight 280 kg
Size of the machine 1220 x 2100 mm
Height 1940 mm
Loading tank volume 45 liters
Protection grade IP 10 (standard), IP 40 (in case of requirement)

Technical parameters are for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

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