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Rapid granulator mixer, series SGV (SGPN)

Rapid mixer granulator SGV fulfills functions of high speed efficient mixing and granulating. More...

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Technical parameters


High speed mixer working principle

Rapid granulator mixer SGV fulfills functions of high speed efficient mixing and granulating. Under the action of a mixing blade installed at the bottom of the cylindrical chamber, powder goods and adhesive agents are mixed. Then the product is crushed by a high-speed shredder installed in the wall of the housing and processed in to the wet granules.

Features of the granulator mixer

  • The construction of the rapid granulator mixer has the single housing and ensure convenient and easy maintain;
  • To dry the product, hot water is fed into the hollow wall of the mixer tank. In case of mixing products with an isothermal reaction chilled water can be fed into this cavity;
  • PLC based control system allows to optimize the mixing and granulation processes and to record parameters in the controller memory;
  • The speed of rotation of the mixer blades and the granulator shaft is smoothly regulated by frequency converters and allows you to adjust the output size of the granules.
  • High power level per kilogram of the product to be mixed, allows you to mix fine powders effectively, even when applying micro doses of various ingredients that differ greatly in bulk density;
  • The volume of adhesive substances required for granulation is 20% less than that of conventional equipment. For each batch, the drying time of the material does not exceed 2 minutes, and the granulation time varies from 1 to 4 minutes. Due to the high processing speed the efficiency of the equipment increases by 4-5 times;
  • Mixing, granulating and drying take place inside a single chamber, thus it greatly simplifies the control process of the operation of the machine and fully meets the requirements of the GMP standard;
  • The rapid granulator mixer is equipped with all necessary protective devices that ensure the safety of the control and operation of the machine.

Rapid mixer granulator standard features and accessories

  • All working elements and covers are made of polished stainless steel AISI304L. The granulator mixer housing is without “heating-cooling jacket”;
  • Control panel with the function of adjusting of the speeds of the mixer and granulator, with the timer and sound signal for the end of operation;
  • Pneumatically controlled valve for the discharge of the product;
  • Buil-in the cover aspiration filter, inspection window without the lighting.

Rapid mixer granulator options (in order)

  1. The working elements covers made of polished stainless steel AISI316L. The granulator mixer housing made with “heating-cooling jacket”.
  2. Control panel with the function of adjusting mixing shaft speed and granulator. PLC with colored sensor touch screen with full automation level with speed adjustment, the function of set up of the modes and working cycles, adjustment of the temperature in the housing and in the “heating-cooling jacket”.
  3. Pneumatically controlled valve for the product discharge.
  4. Buil-in the cover aspiration filter, inspection window with lighting and spraying injector.
  5. Vacuum product feeding system.
  6. Injection system with adjustment of the output capacity.
  7. Vacuumizing system while mixing process.

Information is for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

Specifications of the rapid mixer granulator

Model SGV-10 SGV-25 SGV-50 SGV-100 SGV-150 SGV-200 SGV-300 SGV-400 SGV-600
Drum volume, liters 10 25 50 100 150 200 300 400 600
Efficient loading, % 15-50
Stirrer speed, rpm 96-650 85-525 80-480 70-420 50-300 38-270 20-220 160 120
Mill sped, rpm 1500 / 3000
Stirrer motor power, kw 0,75 2,2 4 5,5 7,5 11 18 22 30
Mill motor power, kw 0.25-0,37 0,55-0,75 1,1-1,5 1,5-2,2 2,2-3 3-4 4-5,5 7,5 11
Cover opening By manual With pneumatic cylinder
Power supply 380-400V  50-60Hz  IP 54 (standard) or on the customer’s requiments
Weight (about), kg ~160 ~220 ~370 ~540 ~850 ~1100 ~1580 ~1900 ~2380
We produce the following models of mixer granulators:
Technical parameters are for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

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