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Vertical packaging machine KOMBI is designed for packaging of free-flowing, dust-forming, liquid, paste-like, small sized products in various industries...More
Vertical packaging machine KOMBI-LUX is designed for stick bag packaging of various products...More
Multiline packaging machine DELTA-5 relates to professional line and is designated for “sachet” bags packaging of different products...More
Multiline packaging machine DELTA-10/2 is designated for “sachet” bags packaging of different products. It is equipped with several protection levels of power-supply circuits and alarm system indicating the causes of troubles...More
Multiline packaging machine DELTA-10/6 is used for packaging products into single-use bags (tea, medicinal herbs, sugar, coffee, cream, shampoos, preparations for insect control, etc.) at large enterprises or flow-line productions...More
Horizontal packaging machine ELEMA-300 is used for packaging free-flowing and hard-flowing products into sachet type bags...More
Vertical packaging machine KOMBI-MK allows packaging and pre-packing of free-flowing or small sized products in various industries...More
Packaging machine KOMBI-K4/2 is universal during re-adjustment and replacement of weighers, allows packing a wide range of products (nuts, coffee, spices, detergents, biscuits, jams, etc.)...More
Packaging machine allows packing a wide range of free-flowing products (french fries, pasta, nuts, pistachio, dry pet food granules, snacks, spicery, buckwheat, cereals, detergent powders, animal feed, fertilizers, soil etc.) in various industries depend on type of weigher...More
Semi-automatic vacuum packing machine intend to be used for vacuumizing and packaging of free-flowing, dusting, paste-like or mixed consistence products in to ready bags...More
Overwrapping Machine is designed to overwrap rectangular boxes of tea, cosmetics, perfumery, CD-discs, video cassettes, cartons of cigarettes, etc...More
Automatic corrugated box making line is intend to form four valve carton boxes made of three-five layers carton previously looped in the circle and flat folded...More

Packaging equipment is a complex of mechanisms and machines designated for primary or multiple packaging of a wide range of products. It is used in different industrial processes from food industry to pharmaceutical industry.

“Elementary Machines” Co., LLC will help you to automatize the packaging of dust-forming, free-flowing, liquid and other products. Our machines are manufactured using latest technologies and comply with all safetystandards.

Our machines can be used for the following purposes

  • packing in flow-pack,
  • packing in to sticks,
  • packing in sachet,
  • packing in doy-pack.

Food packaging machine

  • bulk products (cereals, pasta, corn flakes, muesli, grains, animal treats etc.),
  • dusty products (coffee, tea, medicinal herbs, spices, soda, cocoa powder, chicory, dry milk, salt, sugar, mustard powder, starch, flour etc.),
  • liquid products/for paste-like products (cottage cheese etc.),
  • small pieces products (nuts, candies, cookies, bagels, dried fruit, pistachios, pastries, chips, crackers, ready meals, vegetables, mushrooms, berries).

In case you are interested in our machines please send detailed inquiry with indicated your contact telephone to our e-mail. Our sales managers will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

The final cost of the packaging equipment will be formed only after consideration of all technical specifications.

We produce vertical and horizontal form, fill and sealing machines according to the individual requirements of each customer!


Production of the packaging equipment of any complexity!