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Vertical packaging machine KOMBI is designed for packaging of free-flowing, dust-forming, liquid, paste-like, small sized products in various industries...More
Vertical packaging machine KOMBI-MK allows packaging and pre-packing of free-flowing or small sized products in various industries...More
Packaging machine KOMBI-K4/2 is universal during re-adjustment and replacement of weighers, allows packing a wide range of products (nuts, coffee, spices, detergents, biscuits, jams, etc.)...More
Packaging machine allows packing a wide range of free-flowing products (french fries, pasta, nuts, pistachio, dry pet food granules, snacks, spicery, buckwheat, cereals, detergent powders, animal feed, fertilizers, soil etc.) in various industries depend on type of weigher...More

The flow pack  bag is a hermetic package with three seams that protect the product from moisture. This type of bags is used for packing piece and free-flowing products in the food and non-food industries. Flow packs are widely used due to their low cost.


The material of the flow-pack packaging directly affects its quality. For example, in case of using a polypropylene film the strength and gas tightness of the package is much better than if you use polyethylene.

Materials using to make flow-pack:

— polyamide;

— thin paper / cardboard;

— foil;

— a polymer-based composite.

When choosing a material, you need to focus on the features of the products and their storage conditions requirements.

Currently most of the products are packed in flow packs and sold on the shelves in stores around the world. Not only food products, but also pharmaceutical and industrial products are packed in such packages.

Flow pack advantages:

— sealed and economical packaging;

— strong material excludes a mechanical damage of package;

The package has a low weight and volume, which facilitates the process of storage and transportation of goods.

Our company manufactures equipment for packaging products in flow-pack bags. KOMBI series packing machines vary with the different output capacity.

Flow-pack packaging is suitable for piece goods, it is also possible to put several units in one package. Usually, these goods are fed piece by piece with conveyors.

The filling equipment to flow-pack has a high output capacity, and coupled with the low cost of packaging material, you can get low production costs.

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