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The loader places the pallet with the goods on the lifting platform and closes the safety guards. The lifting mechanism raises the pallet step by step to the programmed height available for the removable grippers...More
The de-palletizer is automatic machine  designed for automatic removal from the tray with the subsequent stacking on the production line of the objects with various forms like boxes, bottles, banks and containers. The robot can be used with different types of grips, it depends on the shape and size of used objects...More

Depalletizers are the machines that can be used to move products from a pallet to a conveyor or pallet by grabbing or sliding.

The machine is suitable for various industries. The control is carried out by the operator using the controller. These points make it possible to reduce the cost of maintaining production and at the same time increase productivity, as well as eliminate human error. De-palletizers are used to process many types of containers.

There are several types of depalletizing machines:

  1. Semi-automatic type when the control and operation of the machine is carried out in the presence of the operator.

Actions of the operator:

  • feeding pallets to the discharge area;
  • installation of the carriage over the product;
  • picking up the goods and transferring it from the pallet to the conveyor;
  • withdrawal of the device from the depalletization zone.
  1. Automatic de-palletizer does not require the presence of an operator. The depalletizing machine fulfills all processes automatically according to a pre-set algorithm. The movement of the product is carried out by the gripping or sliding method. Some models can be additionally equipped with empty pallet groupers, pallet feeding for unloading, conveyors and various other types of additional equipment.

The advantages of depalletizer:

  • increasing productivity and optimization of production processes;
  • saving money for personnel costs;
  • convenient and easy maintenance;
  • ability to move equipment;
  • precise operation and long service life.

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