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The palletizer is  automatic machine allows to stack various items on  wood, plastic or metal. The machine can be used with different types of grips, it depends on the shape and size of used container...More
The palletizer is  automatic machine allows to stack trays with various products on pallets...More

Application of palletizing machines

The palletizers are industrial robotic machines for palletizing various products.

A robotic palletizer can be used in almost any field, for example, it is used for stacking bags, boxes or containers etc.

In case the finished packaged products take up a lot of space at your production place, you need a palletizer to organize the products to be stacked properly.

Due to their design, palletizers are accurate and reliable in operation, as well as ease of maintenance. The production efficiency can be increased using palletizer without the need for additional personnel.

The operation principle of palletizer

Packaged finished products (for example, in boxes) are delivered to the conveyor belt. The palletizer automatically transfers these boxes to a pallet. When a sufficient amount of products accumulates on it, the pallets are moved to the side by means of a mobile cart.

The advantages of palletizer:

  • high accuracy of movements;
  • long service life;
  • easy to maintain;
  • automatic operation without personnel;
  • the operator can adjust the operating mode of the machine.