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The hydraulic cutting line is used for slicing root crops. The technology of hydro cutting of root crops ensures the cutting of product along the length moving in the pipeline...More
This machine is used to wash root crops...More
The line of steam cleaning of the peel of root crops is designed for gentle cleaning and removing upper layer of the root crops...More
Stone separator is the equipment designed for the mechanical separation of the stones from the products using a whirlpool...More
Roller table (so called “bulkhead”) is designed for visual inspection of root crops by the operator...More
The tipper is designed for unloading the contents of containers with root crops...More
The receiving hopper is used for receiving root crops and further uniform movement of the vegetables along the processing line...More

Root processing equipment is a type of equipment designed for washing, cleaning and cutting root crops (potatoes, onions, carrots etc). These lines and equipment are irreplaceable in food industries that work with root crops. The main advantage of processing root crops is the reduction of human resources, since the machine fulfills this many times faster and better.

You can select the necessary equipment in this section or even a complete production line.

A wide range of root vegetable processing machines

A tipper (overturning device) is suitable for unloading the contents of containers with the root crops.

The receiving hopper accepts root vegetables and then moves them along the processing line.

To separate the stones from the roots without damaging the vegetables, please consider a stone separator.

A root crop washing machine is used to wash root crops from soil and dirt. With a rotating drum in the water, the vegetables are washed away from dirt and come out on the unloading conveyor clean and undamaged.

If you need to sort out root vegetables, remove rotten or spoiled vegetables, then a roller table is suitable for this. You can inspect and remove products of inadequate quality on it.

The steam type root peeling line is the excellent equipment for the gentle peeling of vegetables.

If you need to cut root vegetables into strips, such as french fries, a water cutting line for roots is suitable for your needs.

The equipment for processing root crops is made of stainless steel.