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Root steam cleaning line
Root steam cleaning line
Root steam cleaning line

The line of steam cleaning of the peel of root crops is designed for gentle cleaning and removing upper layer of the root crops. More...

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Technical parameters


This set of equipment for vapor purification of root crops is a complete line to fulfill functions from the supply of root crops for washing to the inspection sorting of the product that has passed the steam cleaning. The output capacity is determined by the required final performance and can range from 500kg / hour to 20000kg / hour.

Main features and advantages of the line:

— the ability to work at pressures up to 20 bar;

— minimal loss of the product during its purification;

— quality vapor treatment of the product and separation of the product and condensate, cause the vapor cleaning boiler has two separated reservoirs (one inside the other) and an inner reservoir made of stainless perforated metal;

— saving vapon consumption due to its high-quality and rapid distribution in the volume of the boiler for better processing the product (from the all sides) and reducing the time of steam exposure;

— effective discharge of the vapor with the rapid lowering of the pressure in the boiler;

— low operating cost is ensured by the rational design of reducing the loss of the raw materials and additional equipment;

— convenient washing and maintenance;

— low consumption of oxygen for waste oxidation during water treatment.

This line includes follow equipment and mechanisms:

  1. Hydraulic lifting and turn over device.
  2. Receiving conveyor for feeding the product in to collecting hopper (for dry collector only), output capacity ≥10tons/hour.
  3. Collector with the conveyor.
  4. Universal combined washing machine with stone separator.
  5. The vapor washing machine includes:
  • Inclined conveyor and elevator
  • Collector with the filler equipped with load cell
  • Steam cleaning boiler
  • Steam system
  • Pneumatic system
  • Electric cabinet with automatic control system
  • Screw output conveyor
  • Brushing washing machine
  1. Inspection roller conveyor.
  2. Optic sorting machine.

Information is for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

Name of the machine Output capacity Specification       Remark
Installed power, kw Air, m³ Water, m³ Steam, kg/hour
1. Hydraulic lifting and turn over device. Loading weight 1,2 tons. Max. 30 lifting/ hour 1,1 kw, IP65 Container 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm or on request. Discharge height 1200 mm when working with the soak bath 2500 mm. Cycle time is 0,5-0,8 min. The gross weight of the case with the product is 750 kg. Hydraulic station power supply 230V/50HZ, IP65
2. Receiving conveyor for feeding the product in to collecting hopper (for dry collector only). ≥10 tons/hour 2,2 kw Width 2500 mm; chevron rubber belt.
 3. Collector with the conveyor. >10 tons/hour 2,2 kw, IP65 1,7 m³ for water bath Power supply  400V/50Hz, IP65
4. Universal combined washing machine with stone separator ≥5 tons/hour 4,5 kw main motor; 3,0 kw on the pump,  IP65 1,5 m³; consumption 0,5 m³ Circulation water with consumption 0,5 m³/hour. The dirty is collected in the funnel with the manual discharge. The sizes are 4330x2170x1660 mm. Protection grade IP65 . The separator is located between the drums.
5.Steam peel cleaner ≥5 tons/hour (on potato)
a) belt type feeding conveyor TLB; 2,2 kw IP65 Inclined conveyor or elevator on choice. Belt width 450 mm. Discharge height ≥ 4,0 m. Motor power 2,2 kw. Protection grade IP65. The construction if covered with st.steel AISI304.  Air pressure 0,6-0,8 MPa/ loading efficiency 40%( 180-350kg). Working pressure 18-20bar. Steaming time 10-20 seconds on potato. Output capacity can vary and depends on product quality, shelf life and conditioning of the product.  The wall thickness 20/25 mm. Loading manholes with diameter 400 mm. Power consumption 2,2 kw.
b) Collector with the filler equipped with load cell; 0,2 min 300
c) steam boiler; 2,2 kw, IP65 0,2 min
d) electric cabinet with the control system
e) steam accumulator made of construction steel with the insulation; max pressure 20 bar. ≥0,9 m³
f) boiler-condenser with a cyclone-dampener for exhaust sound (made of construction steel); ≤11,0 m³
g) output screw conveyor; 3,0 kw; IP65
h) drum type brushing cleaning machine; 7,7 kw; IP65. Pump 3,0 kw
i)  water cleaning filter; 2,2 kw; IP65
j) screw press for the waste.
6. Inspection roller conveyor ≥5 tons/hour 1,5 kw; IP65 Overall sizes 4100x1300x1250 mm with central rejection of the non-quality product.
7. Optic sorting machine (instead of inspection roller convveyor) ≥5 tons/hour 5,0 kw; IP65 0,2-0,5 It is used for automatic control of the steam exposition of the cleaning machine to detect non-quality product and to ensure finish control in 360° and rejection of non-conditioned material. Overall sizes  4125x1600x2950 mm. Belt width 1200mm. Pneumatic discharge 6-7 bar.
The product contacting parts are made of acid resistant stainless steels. Automation level is ensured with automatic and semi-automatic equipment connected in the production line with movable and interchangeable units.  
Technical parameters are for reference only. For more details please contact our sales managers.

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