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It is designed for sorting granules of bulk products by size...More
PRS series rotary sifting machine are used for sifting and removing impurities from the powder and granular products in various industries...More
The vibro sifter machine (serie UP-40) is suitable for fraction sifting dust-forming and free-flowing products (flour, grain, sugar, nut) and it is used in different industries...More
Universal vibration sieving machine UP-41 is designed to use in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries for sieving products in to various fraction depend on size...More
Vibrating screening machine UP-42 is designed for sorting free-flowing and dusty products in various industries...More
Single-mesh vibration screening machine UP-30 – equipment that is successfully used in the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as for the production of such products as powders, detergents, etc...More
Universal sifting machine MUP-100 is designated for sifting dust-forming and free-flowing products...More
This drum-type screening machineis designated for two-fraction sorting or separating from impurities in coffee grains, different spices, peanut, seeds, cereals, rice, vermicompost, herbs, etc...More

What are sieving machines?

Screening and sifting machines make calibration of the products on required feature, i.e.  weight, size, shape, color and other parameters.

Sorting equipment has been successfully used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, helping to reduce quantity of the defective products.

Elemash Co., LLC manufactures equipment for grading and sorting by size and fractions of various dusting, granular and bulk products. Our calibration machines presented in the catalog are convenient in maintenance and easy to use. The calibration equipment is partly made of stainless steel or has full stainless steel construction to improve it’s reliability and durability.