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Suction devices are used for dust removal in production processes...More

The autonomous aspiration systems are used for dust removal during the technological processes and air purification while working with dusty products in various industries.

Air pollution is an unavoidable part of various dusty product manufacturing processes. In order to ensure that the air purity corresponds to established sanitary norms and dust from dusty products does not enter the air in the working room, aspiration systems are used. The aspiration system removes dust, dirt, and other impurities released during production. Dust removing machine reduces the risk of ignition and explosions by removing flammable volatile products from the air, such as wood, coal, peat, aluminum, flour, grain and sugar dust, as well as dust from cotton, linen, hemp, jute with the filters suctioning by lowering the pressure. Air purification with connected aspiration system is carried out in two ways:

1) The aspiration system is connected to the equipment through the special outputs and does not allow volatile objects to enter the air.

2) The aspiration system is installed above the equipment or a specific unit and works by the type of extraction, that means it sucks in the dust emitted.

The company Elemash LLC produces aspiration systems completely of stainless steel. The design of the suction unit is simple, and the machines are convenient and easy to use, and have a high degree of air purification.

The advantages:

— The working chamber is protected by soundproofing material;

— The design is easy to use;

— High performance;

— It is compatible with almost all technological equipment;

— Improves working conditions in the workplace;

— Convenient and quick change of the filters.