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The discharge system RU2-SH100 is designed for unloading and weight dosing of aggressive and biologically hazardous products at chemical and pharmaceutical industries...More
The automatic bag unpacker is used for unloading the contents of the bags of various compositions in various industries, and also represents a modern system consisting of several moving components with a simple operation principle...More
The machine is designed for pouring the contents of opened barrels of 200-220 liters or others by agreement for further use in technological processes...More
The system is designed for unloading free-flowing, dusting products from the paper, plastic one layer and multi-layer bags with the weight up to 50 kg...More
This unloading machine is designed for unloading and sifting free-flowing, dusty raw materials from the bags up to 50 kg...More
The big-bag unloader is designed for unloading free-flowing powder and small pieces materials (like grain, flour, seeds, cement, sand etc.) from the soft polyprolylene jumbo bags...More
The unloading machine is designed for unloading various materials from big bags with different weights and volumes...More