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The impuls for the formation of the enterprise Elementary Machines (shortly Elemash) was provided in 1996 by a team of like-minded specialists who were engaged in the design and manufacture of packaging machines and auxiliary technological equipment. Since the beginning of our work, we have begun to accumulate knowledge and improve our skills in packaging and transporting machines.

In process of time the sorting, mixing, grinding equipment for various industries has been added to the range of our products. In the process of development, the enterprise has updated and increased its machinery, mastered new technological processes.

At the moment we use most of the well-known technological processes in the production of machines. As the enterprise developed, the staff of design engineers and technologists increased. Today it makes up about a third of the employees involved in the production. Many design engineers and technologists contributed to the rapid increase in the number of innovative developments in the production and production of technologically complex products.

The realities of the modern dynamically changing market push the enterprise team to be more creative in the process of designing equipment, to take into account the increasing requirements of the customers and offer not only separate machines, but also complete production lines. Today the part of engineering projects has exceeded 60% of the total output. Traditionally, more than half of the equipment manufactured by the enterprise is made from various grades of stainless steel.

The production site of the enterprise is located on an area of ​​4600 square meters, of which the workshops and production sites occupy more than 2000 square meters. Powerful crane equipment in the assembly shop of the enterprise allows working with the products weights up to 10 tons. The welding equipment used in the production can be used to process all materials to be welded in the thickness range from 0.5 to 30 millimeters.

Using our potential, our partner can count on attentive and professional attitude to your requests and the high quality of our equipment.