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Microwave drying is an advanced technology used to dry fish, meat, grain, fruits and vegetables, building materials, cotton, and medicinal herbs.

Microwave equipment is often used in large cost-effective industries. It can be used to glue wood, produce porcelain and earthenware, to develop oil fields. Microwave drying is successfully used in obtaining food colors, improving the quality of compound feed, defrosting the product and in non-temperature canning.

Thus, microwave drying has found application in all types of industries — food, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, construction field.

Microwave equipment can be used in the production of sauces and spices, food concentrates, dietary products, sports nutrition and instant cooking. It is not replaceable in the confectionery industry, in the production of canned goods, alcoholic beverages.

Microwave drying technology is successfully used in bakery, dairy, meat and sausage production.

An ultra-powerful electromagnetic field acts on the dehydrated product, and as a result the water molecules vibrate and rotate, converting electrical energy into heat. The amount of energy released by a product depends on the number of molecules and the water content. The more water and molecules are involved in heat transfer, the more heat we receive on the output. Passing microwave drying, the product is processed more intensively in humid areas, while the energy is evenly distributed throughout the entire structure of the substance. Therefore, heat treatment takes place in full, which ensures high quality drying.


While heating, the raw material loses its original moisture, but this does not affect the speed and quality of the drying process. The drying of the product does not slow down, since the thermal conductivity values do not play a significant role.

Very short time is spent on microwave drying of mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat. At minimum temperatures, the product passes more intensive processing and preserves all the useful material and substances.

Microwave drying is environmentally friendly, since the power supply becomes the source of energy consumption. As a result of microwave drying, no harmful substances are emitted.

Drying mushroomsAs a result of microwave drying, the product is disinfected with the destruction of harmful substances, which has a positive effect on increasing the shelf life.

Microwave drying is a very efficient and fast product processing process. This technology does not require the use of additional devices and special methods to accelerate and improve the quality of drying.

It is profitable to use microwave equipment, because it allows to:

  1. Produce a product that remains relevant even in the absence of fresh vegetables and fruits. The demand for dried fruits, frozen and canned products increases in winter;
  2. Significantly reduce production waste;
  3. Reduce the cost of storage and transportation of products;
  4. Increase labor productivity by reducing the time for processing the raw product;
  5. Increase the shelf life of the product without the use of chemical additives;
  6. Reduce the cost of production.

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