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Paddle mixers are the machines for mixing bulk and granular products of various fractions. Due to the specific design, shape and location of the paddles or blades, the most intensive mixing in three planes is achieved in the shortest possible period of time.

The blade mixer can be supplemented with the special deagglomerating knives which are installed in the lower part of the working chamber of the equipment. They are used to mix and crush the product at the same time.

The parameters, speed and output capacity of the mixing machines will vary depending on the type and model of the specific equipment. You can check and study more details of the various options in the corresponding section of our website.

Blade mixers are universal industrial agitators with wide scope of use.

Paddle agitators are used in:

  • Food industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Construction field;
  • Agricultural processing;
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

If you are looking for a conical paddle mixer, click here.

Speaking about the using of the mixer for food processing, it is necessary to mention the production of milk powder, powdered seasonings and spices, fortified and confectionery additives.

Various types of adhesive and construction mixtures, dry powder colorants are produced in the chemical industry with the using paddle agitators. Also we can get the various detergents, cleaning powders and various kinds of dry pigments after mixing the correspond raw materials inside of the mixing chamber of such machine.

The paddle mixers are applicable for production mixed feeds of various fractions and granule sizes in the agricultural industry.

The plough mixers are successfully applied in many types of industries. Good price, reliability of construction, as well as versatility allowed this equipment to be demanded and relevant to this day.