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Glazing is one of the production step associated with icing or coating the surface of the gingerbread/ honey-cake with a layer of glaze.

Many manufacturers choose icing with chocolate or sugar syrup as a must-have production step. This choice is not accidental. First, it helps to improve the taste; secondly, the hardening process is inhibited, due to which the product remains fresh for as long as possible; thirdly, the products acquire a more attractive appearance, which does not go unnoticed and the buyer is ready to make an impulse purchase of the goods.

Production steps:

  1. The pre-cooled product is loaded into the coating machine.
  2. The prepared sugar syrup is poured into the drum. The syrup must be hot.
  3. The dragee coating machine is activated and the gingerbreads are processed within 1-2 minutes.
  4. Honey-cakes should be unloaded and dried within 10 minutes. The optimum temperature for drying is 60 degrees.
  5. After drying, an additional air blowing is required.

The advantages of the modern equipment

Due to modern technologies fully automated equipment has been developed that reduces the coating time to 50 seconds. At the same time the quality of processing remains the same. Reducing time is possible by the continuous flow of honey-cakes and syrup into the drum.

There are various types of chocolate enrobing machines — it can be a dragee machine or a special coating machine. The coating machine includes a round drum equipped with a powerful drive and a mechanized control system. The advantage of such a machine is that it can be used not only for applying chocolate, but also aromatic and coloring agents on a wide range of products.

The glaze coating apparatus is a device equipped with a conveyor which helps the gingerbread cookies pass through the container with the prepared mixture and are processed from two sides — the top and bottom. A curtain must be used to form the top layer. If only the bottom layer of glaze is needed, then the curtain is not used. The machine for icing honey-cakes with chocolate is equipped with a scraper which ensures the product acquires an aesthetic appearance and syrup residues are removed. The vibration device also helps to distribute the icing evenly over the entire surface. The chocolate coating machine is equipped with special scrapers that remove excess syrup from the bottom layer of the product. The developers of the coating machine have also paid attention to an additional roller that removes excess chocolate at the edges of the product.

As a result of such a multi-stage processing, we get the highest quality gingerbread with a uniform layer of chocolate.

Other products which can be coated with the glaze

Gingerbread is not the only one product that can be processed in this way. It is also possible icing biscuits, curd cheeses, flour confectionery, dried fruits, sweets, nuts, dragee, marshmallows, marmalade.

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